No one will ever willingly want to breath in venomous environment. Poisoned atmosphere is not only harmful for human beings but for all the living organisms. Day by day the amount of pollutants in atmosphere are increasing at an alarming rate. Human race is so drowned in inventing new technologies to make their lives easy that they have completely neglected that nature.

The ozone layer is destroyed, the earth is facing greenhouse effect, marine life is disturbed. What is the reason behind this? The answer is simple. The cause of this destruction is no one else but us human beings. Everyday anonymous amount of new factories are planted. These industries produce massive amount of waste. In past this waste was consisted on elements which were not harmful or were less harmful for planet but now the type of waste is completely changed.

Now a days huge ratio of the waste which is produced by these industries consist of plastic and radioactive elements. First of all, plastic is a polymer and cannot be disintegrated by bacteria nor any animal can digest it. So, if plastic is produced than it can not be destroyed unless it is converted in some other form.

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Other huge fraction of the waste is radioactive elements. Many industries produce electricity with the help of radioactive matter. Other than that there is a huge amount of consumer goods that contain radioactive matter,

•Smoke Detectors : Many smoke detectors which are available for household use contain a radioactive element named as americium-241.

•Wall Clocks and Wrist Watches : Many effulgent watches and clock contains hydrogen-3 (tritium) or promethium-147.

•Camera Lenses : Many camera lenses which were manufactured between the period 1950 to 1970 contain thorium. Thorium was used to increase the reflective index of lens.

• Gas Lantern : Many old lanterns were lightened by burning thorium (primarily thorium-232).

•Television Screens : LCD, OLED, Plasma screens produce x-rays which are not considered good for health.


Radon is a colourless, odourless, tasteless gas (It is considered as a radioactive element as it emit radioactive rays). Many states of USA are polluted by radon gas. It is a noble gas so it will never react on its own with another element unless an external force is applied. So there is no chance that atmospheric radon will change in some other form soon.

As it is colourless, odourless, and tasteless so it can not be detected without testing. You would be living in harmful environment without having any idea. Keep in mind that radioactive elements can cause cancers of numerous types.


There are numerous radon testing toolkits available in the market for household use. The kit contains a passive collector which is left in the most lowest floor of the building. The passive collector is left there for at least five to seven days. After the required amount of time the collector is then sent to laboratory. The laboratory perform some test to find out that if the breathing zone contain any radioactive rays.

These radon testing kits are easy to use and not expensive. Anyone can use these kits but there are some organizations who offer there services to perform these test. Choice is yours, radon testing kits or professionals but keep in mind do these tests quickly before your loved once get ill.